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  • David Driest, MA, LPC

    Life’s unexpected hurdles can be frustrating to navigate, especially in a society that expects you to bear the weight without flinching. Over the past years, you’ve faced trials, particularly in relationships and self-perception. Whether you’ve formulated a strategic plan to combat issues like a negative self-view, toxic relationships, or haunting traumas, or if you’re navigating uncharted waters—keeping those thoughts isolated only breeds discontent. Trust me, that discontent can infiltrate every aspect of your life until the memory of your “best-self” becomes a distant echo. Consider me your ally, a canvas for you to unload frustrations, joys, grief, or sadness.

    Facing life’s puzzles is a team effort. I’m here as your collaborator to dissect and confront challenges—whether it’s the grip of depression, the weight of anxiety, relationship turbulence, or the haunting shadows of past traumas. Drawing from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and EMDR, the aim is to reshape those narratives. Let’s adopt a person-centered approach, ensuring our sessions flex and adapt to the nuances of your thoughts and emotions. Together, we’ll embark on a purpose-driven journey through life’s twists and turns.